We were approached by a nationwide hair salon chain seeking to overhaul their customer engagement and internal knowledge sharing methods through AI.

  1. Workforce Transformation with AI Competence:
    Jeroen provided bespoke training at the salon chain’s headquarters, enabling their team to master AI tools, which significantly improved their efficiency. Each member received personalized handbooks loaded with optimised ChatGPT prompts. This facilitated a reliable internal knowledge base and enabled them to handle customer queries more effectively.
  2. Personalized AI Strategy & Execution:
    Jeroen designed a unique AI plan for the salon chain after a comprehensive understanding of their operations. The plan’s focal points were enhancing customer experience and streamlining appointment scheduling. With Nexibeo.com’s collaboration, they implemented an internal ChatGPT that acted as an efficient platform for knowledge sharing and customer interaction. In addition, they integrated a versatile reservation system accessible via Instagram, WhatsApp, or the salon’s website, making appointment booking easier for clients.
  3. Consistent Upgradation & Industry-Leading Innovations:
    The partnership offered continuous refinement of the integrated AI solutions, ensuring they always delivered optimal performance. Keeping the salon chain a step ahead in the ever-evolving beauty industry, Jeroen and Nexibeo.com ensured the adoption of the latest innovations.
  4. 24/7 Customer Support:
    The salon chain was provided with ongoing technical support, ensuring a trouble-free experience with their new AI tools. Quick resolution of any arising issues minimised interruptions and enhanced their operational efficiency.

The collaboration led to an advanced, efficient operational structure, improved client engagement, and a team capable of leveraging AI tools at the salon chain. As a result of the AI integration, the salon chain experienced a considerable boost in customer satisfaction and saw an increase in repeat bookings.

“Nexibeo has been a game-changer for our salon chain. Their personalized AI training and strategic solutions not only supercharged our team’s efficiency but also transformed our customer engagement, making appointment scheduling a breeze. With increased repeat bookings and a significant boost in customer satisfaction, our collaboration with Nexibeo has been a genuine success story!”

Delores, CEO