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10 absolutely brilliant video marketing campaigns you’ll love watching

The world of content marketing is changing. Apart from the products you are offering, the customers want to know what benefits they are going to get. The traditional product marketing has given way to marketing with a human touch. Brands that connect with their audience in more meaningful ways do more business because people that engage more, purchase more.

What better way to humanize your brand than using compelling videos? In recent years, video has become the most effective marketing medium and as we have seen in our post, 96% of B2B companies are already using video in their content marketing and 76% say it has positively impacted their ROI.
Here is a collection of 10 brilliant video marketing campaigns that will inspire you boost to your video marketing efforts:
1. The #ChooseBeautiful Campaign by Dove
Dove is great at story telling and creating emotional videos that encourage public participation. Its #ChooseBeautiful ad campaign focuses on female empowerment, urging women to shun the current narrow standards of beauty and #ChooseBeautiful.
“Women make thousands of choices each day — related to their careers, their families, and, let’s not forget, themselves,” Dove said in a press release. “Feeling beautiful is one of those choices that women should feel empowered to make for themselves.”
Here’s the video:

The video has generated over 7.2 million views. This is a great example of how you can connect emotionally with your consumers and generate a loyal following. A study by Gallup has found that customer engagement helps to grow your revenues by 23%.
2. Facebook’s ‘How to” video tutorials
Facebook has created a series of “How to” videos giving helpful tips on how to use to several of its functions such as “How to save stuff for later”, “How to unfollow oversharing friends”, “How to block/unblock someone” and many more.
These tutorials provide solutions to the most common queries of its users in an entertaining way. This is a great example of how to identify your users’ needs and give solutions to them through videos.

Facebook’s “Whats on your mind? Videos have also been successful.
3. “Saroo Brierly: Homeward Bound” by Google
This is an amazing ad for Google Earth. It is a powerful emotional story about how Saroo Brierley, who got separated from his family at the tender age of four, traces back his roots and finds his hometown using his childhood memories and Google Earth. This video gives the impression that Google Earth helps to improve the lives of its users and has been has been a huge hit.
Appealing to users’ emotions is a great way to connect with them and influence their choices and purchase decisions.

4. #WorldsToughestJob campaign by American Greetings
This is a brilliant video that has been very successful in touching the emotions of its audience. The company’s goal was to get people to craft a Mother’s Day card using their store. The video shows an interview process for the job of “Director of Operations” which makes the candidates realize the importance of moms by highlighting how much work they handle 24×7 and how moms are doing #WorldsToughestJob – they are the real Director of Operations.
It is only at the end that there is a promotional line saying “This Mother’s day you might want to make her a card.” The audience remains engaged through out and the end is unpredictable which is what made it awesome.

This video has had over 25.4 million views and has increased orders of American Greetings Cardstore by 20%.

5. Samsung’s “Holiday Dreams”
This is an animated video from Samsung showing a story of a little girl’s dream about chasing her holiday stocking. In the story, the girl moves through different Samsung device screens before finally coming back to her bed. Samsung has told the fairytale story via its 74 synchronized devices – from a small 2-inch watch screen to the big 65-inch curved TV and everything in-between. All the devices have been synchronized so beautifully that the whole story smoothly runs across all the devices.

The video has had over 10 million views.

6. “Small business tips” by Progressive
This is a great example of human-centric values-driven video marketing. To highlight its commitment to small business, Progressive has come out with a brilliant series of short video clips rather than create some dull piece of promotional material. The clips are so compelling that when you have watched one, you want to watch the next one.
1. Small Business Tips Part 1: Hiring

2. Small Business Tips Part 2: Finding Success

3. Small Business Tips Part 3: Making Decisions

4. Small Business Tips Part 4: Marketing

5. Small Business Tips Part 5: Be Prepared

7. The #LookInside campaign by Intel
With this campaign, Intel tries to strike an emotional chord in the hearts of the viewers. #LookInside consists of a series of short clips telling inspiring stories of individuals and urging the audience to look within themselves and find that which makes them special. The first video tells the story of a 15-year old Jack Andraka who bagged the 2012 Gordon E. Moore award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. for developing a new faster and less expensive method to detect pancreatic, ovarian or lung cancer.

Another one tells the story of the amazing mountain climber Erik Weihenmayer who has beaten many odds to climb the world’s seven tallest peaks. “I’m one of 118 people in history to have reached the top of all seven summits … but I’m the only person to do it blind,” he says in the video.

The films inspired people to scale new heights and though the Intel connection was undersold, they hugely succeeded in uplifting the Intel brand.

8. #BetterForIt by Nike Women
Nike’s Better for it initiative was created to “inspire women to be active, take on new challenges and conquer personal goals’. The clip shows “inner thoughts” of women when they are working out in the gym, doing yoga or running, using a slightly humorous approach.
It’s about “powering [women] to be better through services, product innovation and athlete inspiration, motivating each other to push to the next level,” the company says.

Adding clean honest humor to your content can do wonders for your audience engagement.
9. Always #LikeAGirl
After watching this you’ll never want to use the phrase ”like a girl” in the negative sense. Through this video, Always redefines the phrase “like a girl” to mean being strong and confident and the video was a big hit. Always is a Proctor & Gamble owned female hygiene brand and its mission is to empower women and raise their self-esteem.

The second video in the series is another powerful attempt to build the confidence of women. It’s called “Always #LikeAGirl – Unstoppable.

10. “Feel Every Smile” by Listerine
Anyone would think that Listerine, a company making antiseptic mouthwash, would make an ad about bad breath and white teeth but the company chose to go a different way. Listerine’s “Feel Every Smile” video heart warming and shows the power of a smile.
Listerine has launched an app by which blind people can know when someone is smiling at them. This is done through facial recognition and camera which detect can a smile up to a distance of 5 meters from the user and notifies them by vibrating or giving out a beep. The video was a huge success boasting of over 2.5 million views.

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