How local brands in Southeast Asia can cash-in on the rapid e-commerce growth

Retail e-commerce has been showing an impressive growth in the past few years and is set to boom. Development of sophisticated e-commerce technologies has opened up tremendous business opportunities for retailers at the same time giving a vast choice to the consumers. Although the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia is still underdeveloped, rapid proliferation of e-commerce business worldwide has given a boost to local brands making them aware of the great possibilities available for growing on a national, regional or even on an international level.

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Tyler Arnold, Founder Tyler Systems & Advisor at Matchfire, former co-founder SimplySocial about Nexibeo

Jeroen & Valentin are talented international entrepreneurs that I really enjoyed working with across cultural, global, and generational lines. We worked intensively together starting SimplySocial: Hiring our team in Romania, working with clients throughout the U.S./Western Europe, and in managing relationships with Silicon Valley investors. They bring passion, vision, and ingenuity to the problems they solve.

Ruud Winkel, Founder & CEO, Dutch partner agency Puur!FCT about Nexibeo

“Jeroen is a highly engaged leader with a broad variety of web knowledge who is well regarded and valued. I’ve been fortunate to work with Jeroen for 6 years now, and I can say that he’s a consumate professional and a very knowledgable person in general. I am personally envious of Jeroen’s many obvious achievements and his dedication to the pursuit of business excellence. Highly recommend to all others, and I see Jeroen to be a invaluable at Nexibeo!”