11 Online Practices that Businesses must Avoid

The primary objective of any digital marketing campaign is to establish a strong online presence focusing on your brand and your company’s values and vision. To be effective, your website must offer an ideal user experience to the visitors. Anything in your website that interrupts a smooth and seamless user experience will drive them away from your site.

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Bob Soetekouw, CEO, GB Steel Group about Nexibeo

As the CEO of GB Steel group I manage 6 businesses that needed a universal look for the outside world. We work closely together with Puur!FCT and Nexibeo. Puur! advices us from a Marketing point of view and Nexibeo takes on all the technical work.

We’ve had websites developed in the past but working with Nexibeo was a whole other level. Quick turnover times, coming up with pro-active solutions and non-technical communication make Nexibeo the ultimate party to work with.

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