Best-selling self-help author: Pera Novacovici, about Nexibeo

I met Valentin, the CTO at Nexibeo ever since he was young, and one of the traits most respected by his clients today was there from the very beginning, most likely a talent he was born with. I’m talking about being proactive.

Starting from the first day we’ve met, the team at Nexibeo asked me: “What is it that you need in order to grow?”, and throughout the yearws, in a world that’s so rushed, busy and swarming, they were the ones who volunteered to take burdens off my shoulders. I also have to mentione that I have not only found true professionals with these guys, but they’re now my friends as well.

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Dr. Ursula Sandner about Nexibeo

An online presence is essential for any business which aims to align its audience’s perception with its message. And in order to build such a presence, it is important to work with professionals.

I’ve been working with Nexibeo for 2 years and I am extremely satisfied with their services: hosting, technical support, design, development, user experience design… everything is just the way it should be – efficient, creative and professional.

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US Web Design Standards: Offering a clear and consistent user experience across websites

The most important objective for any business website is that it should be attractive, clear, consistent and user friendly with good functionality and easy-to-follow navigation. When it comes to government websites in the US, a country that hosts some of the top tech companies in the world, you’d think that they would be the most ideal and optimal websites. But sadly, that is not the case. When American people try to access government services websites they face a lot of problems due to inconsistency in design and interaction patterns as also confusing navigation, all of which contribute towards a poor user experience, causing frustration.

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