10 Brilliant marketing stunts to put your startup / business on the map

Using video to create your brand is a fundamental strategy for the start-up company. Startups generally do not have a defined brand and therefore creating a marketing stunt will generate views and shares which can help to define that branding. With proper strategic PR in place it is quite possible for a business to develop into a social superstar in a matter of weeks. Here are 10 marketing stunts which caused great success for various startups and the methodology which can work for your business.

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Help I’m on the Google Blacklist, what to do? We have the answers

Thousands of websites are being blacklisted by Google every day. Your site getting blacklisted by Google is one of the worst things that can happen to you. If Google detects malware on your site, it gets blacklisted and visitors to your site will see a big warning saying this site might harm your computer. Apart from the public shame, this will also greatly harm your online business as you will be losing a lot of traffic. You can request Google to review your site only after you have resolved the security issues.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Strategic Content Planning

Today, content marketing has become a key component of digital marketing strategy for any business. It has also gained importance for SEO as it increases your site’s ranking and helps you to build and engage a large audience as well.

Content marketing is a marketing approach that focuses on creating and sharing valuable and relevant content with consumers to help them make their buying decisions. Its main aim is to attract and engage customers and persuade them to buy your products or services. But before you put your content marketing strategy into action, you need proper content planning.

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12 reasons to have great video content on your website

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube’s popularity has grown dramatically, making it the second largest search engine after Google. It has over a billion users watching millions of hours of videos every day.  Businesses can leverage this incredible opportunity and use online videos to promote their brand.

Videos are a great way to introduce your company, brand and products or services to the people. Video on your website will immediately capture viewers’ attention and keep them engaged, making them stay for a longer period of time on your site. Longer dwell time on a site improves its search ranking. Also, Google SERPs prioritize video content. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why last few years have seen an explosion in the use of online videos as a marketing tool by businesses.

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41 Stats and Facts about content marketing you should know, including a complete guide to strategic content planning

Content Marketing is the most crucial aspect of digital media marketing and has gained tremendous importance in recent years. In this rapidly evolving digital world, content marketing is the key to connect, interact and develop relationships with your consumers. Great content marketing will provide a great customer experience leading to higher conversions and revenues. No wonder content is called the king.

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Kim Janse, Founder, Purefoodie.nl about Nexibeo

You can’t think “only offline” anymore, when it comes to positioning yourself, your brand, or your product. Online positioning is more important than ever. In these days everyone knows, it ain’t easy to do this right. Nexibeo is the right partner to have for all your web needs. Jeroen and Valentin are far further than the most of us. When we were all sending postcards to let people know about our businesses, they already thought of possibility’s online.

In all these years they gained so many experience and never stopped thinking on their own. A lot of new creative ideas were born daily. Don’t look only straight ahead, keep on looking around and find your own solutions by what you see. Be open, don’t judge. That’s what I learned from them.

The key to this success is the combination between good management and excellent skills. This, with strong communication and the connection between the two of them make them a perfect match for almost all business partners.

In our collaboration I can ask them everything. They always find a solution together with me. When something has to be done, they make sure to make it work. So, if you ask me. Just contact them, I can promise it will be a nice conversation.

Check out  Kim’s website: www.purefoodie.nl