10 Brilliant marketing stunts to put your startup / business on the map

Using video to create your brand is a fundamental strategy for the start-up company. Startups generally do not have a defined brand and therefore creating a marketing stunt will generate views and shares which can help to define that branding. With proper strategic PR in place it is quite possible for a business to develop into a social superstar in a matter of weeks. Here are 10 marketing stunts which caused great success for various startups and the methodology which can work for your business.

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US Web Design Standards: Offering a clear and consistent user experience across websites

The most important objective for any business website is that it should be attractive, clear, consistent and user friendly with good functionality and easy-to-follow navigation. When it comes to government websites in the US, a country that hosts some of the top tech companies in the world, you’d think that they would be the most ideal and optimal websites. But sadly, that is not the case. When American people try to access government services websites they face a lot of problems due to inconsistency in design and interaction patterns as also confusing navigation, all of which contribute towards a poor user experience, causing frustration.

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11 Online Practices that Businesses must Avoid

The primary objective of any digital marketing campaign is to establish a strong online presence focusing on your brand and your company’s values and vision. To be effective, your website must offer an ideal user experience to the visitors. Anything in your website that interrupts a smooth and seamless user experience will drive them away from your site.

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How local brands in Southeast Asia can cash-in on the rapid e-commerce growth

Retail e-commerce has been showing an impressive growth in the past few years and is set to boom. Development of sophisticated e-commerce technologies has opened up tremendous business opportunities for retailers at the same time giving a vast choice to the consumers. Although the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia is still underdeveloped, rapid proliferation of e-commerce business worldwide has given a boost to local brands making them aware of the great possibilities available for growing on a national, regional or even on an international level.

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E-commerce in Southeast Asia set to boom while China’s is getting over-saturated

Economically, Southeast Asia has long been overshadowed by the fast-developing giant China. Blinded by the e-commerce explosion in China, e-commerce players have been neglecting Southeast Asia which has been showing a promising growth in e-commerce as its internet and mobile penetration are growing rapidly. With a collective population of about 620 million that is almost half of China, Southeast Asia is fast becoming a hotbed for e-commerce providing tremendous opportunities for businesses while that of China is already saturated.

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Increase your business productivity and open up a whole new world for social networking

Until a few years ago, businesses struggled to understand how effective their social media marketing efforts were because there was no way to measure and analyze data. Then came the analytics tools that helped them with it and companies began to rely heavily on these social media analytics tools to analyze customer behavior and base their marketing strategies on it.

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Quizzes! The new online marketing opportunities

We all know that one of the best ways to reach and engage your potential customers is online content marketing. If your content goes viral, it spreads like wildfire and creates a massive audience attention, taking you much higher above your competition. Although one can’t say for sure that a particular content will go viral, some approaches are fairly certain to get shared by users with their friends. An Online quizz is one of them.

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15 Top web design trends in 2015

Increased internet and mobile usage over the last few years has had a tremendous impact on the web designing landscape. Some spectacular trends have emerged and helped the industry to evolve. Web designers and developers have to constantly remain on their toes to adapt to the rapid changes happening in the field of web design.

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Annelon Roskam, Founder of Nannybureauamsterdam.com about Nexibeo

It’s a true pleasure to work with Nexibeo. Both Jeroen & Valentin are neath and they constantly come with new initiatives that help my blogs grow and increase my online marketing. The Nexibeo team developed all of my websites and are always ready to explain things in a non-technical way.

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The Nexibeo team also helped me optimizing my SEO which is why I already got my investment back. Even with the time difference the Nexibeo team manages to achieve a very fast turnover time on all my wishes. Besides that they are very transparent when it comes to pricing so I know exactly what I’m up to.

I’ll certainly keep working with the Nexibeo team! Thanks guys!