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Facebook Micro Moments and how Video Marketers can capitalize on them

Mobile has become an integral part of our lives leading to a fundamental change in how people consume media. Gone are the days when we spent some time online and our behavior as consumers was much predictable. This has been replaced with fragmented intermittent interactions throughout the day – texting someone, chatting with friends, checking out some product or service, activity on some social media network .

There are hundreds of micro-moments like “Want to know” moments, “Want to do” moments, “Want to go” moments and “Want to buy” moments in our daily lives and we impulsively turn towards our smartphones to find the solution. It is these micro-moments that shape our preferences and purchasing decisions, and brands that are able to best address the consumer needs in these micro-moments achieve success.

Major social platforms have also started giving importance to these micro-moments. Twitter has introduced “Moments” that shows the best of what’s happening on Twitter, the “only-on-Twitter moments”. Think with Google has published a “Micro-Moments Guide” to winning micro-moments with a better mobile strategy.

Facebook IQ has published a white paper titled “Moments That Matter” stating that people everywhere are “connecting around millions of moments that matter to them—from wedding announcements to birth announcements, from birthdays to beach days and from training for a marathon to watching a TV marathon.” Facebook IQ has examined such data collected from what people share on Facebook and Instagram every day.

Facebook has over 1.5 billion active users and it keeps a track of what all of them are doing every moment of the day. It knows when you are sleeping, when you are awake,  it knows when you are at home, what you are doing, what you are thinking, which is kind of scary. Facebook has a pretty good idea about what are the moments that matter to you.  

Actually, these micro-moments have already been there in our lives but mobile has made it easy and quick to capture and share them, and this has provided marketeers with a great opportunity capitalize on them. For instance, the baby-moments experienced by new parents, some new ad, a new TV show, some sports match, a place you are visiting, a pleasant season……there are umpteen such moments in one’s life that we want to capture and share. Brands can use some of these moments to create strategic, personally relevant experiences for their consumers.


Facebook insights on Moments that Matter

The Facebook white paper reveals three most relevant personal and unique facts  – “I’ve lost my phone moment” and “We had a baby moment” are the two top Facebook micro-moments and the third fact is understanding how people process these moments.

Mobile has become so important in our lives that if one gets lost or misplaced, it generates a lot of conversation on Facebook. In one month, 51.2 million “lost phone” interactions (posts, likes, comments and shares) were recorded in the US. It has also been observed that more than 75% of posts are generated from mobile. “Lost phone” posts get about 2 times more comments compared to ordinary posts.

New moms and dads spend about 1.5x more time on Facebook compared to others and share their moments like birth announcement, their sleepless nights, all the baby’s “firsts” and other baby-related events.  

From the data collected, Facebook attempted to understand how people process these moments that matter from a physiological and neurological angle by measuring biometrics such as heart rate, eye movement, sweat, ECG etc. of the participants and also studying how identical content on TV and mobile was processed differently by their brains and physiology.

They found that people were more attentive and felt more positive towards content viewed on mobile than on a TV. When viewing on TV, people’s brains were more distracted while processing the information and the brain had to work harder. However, it was found that the emotional intensity and engagement of viewers was the same on both the devices.


How can video marketeers take advantage from these insights to promote their business?

In view of the above insights, the white paper says that brands should treat the content that will be consumed on mobile device in a different way than that which will be viewed on TV.

Facebook gives three tips to marketeers using which they can “build extraordinary brands using these ordinary moments”.

  1. Be Personal:  People are connecting with their family, friends and acquaintances around many of their personal moments on Facebook and Instagram via their mobiles. By having an understanding about such “moments that matter”, brands can can offer “highly creative, personally relevant experiences” to their consumers.
  2. Be Precise: Again, due to mobile, people are creating and consuming numerous such “moments that matter” and brands must be “precise in their messaging and targeting—delivering the right creative to the right person at the right moment”. For example, bite-sized content for the harried parents, some interesting image-heavy content for new parents when they are putting their baby back to sleep late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, or content that encourages youngsters to go for an outing in pleasant weather conditions.
  3. Be persistent: Every day everywhere, people are sharing and re-sharing millions of their own and each others’ moments that matter especially on mobile. Brands must leverage this opportunity by creating a proper mobile marketing strategy to make their brands stand out.

Focus on building your own micro-moment strategy and develop a creative content that will capture your buyer’s attention in these micro-moments. As video consumption has increased tremendously, brands need to adapt their video marketing strategy to their consumers’ micro-moments. Being there with relevant and useful videos in your audience’s micro-moments or moments of need will greatly improve your brand equity.

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