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Privacy, Money, and Big Data

It is certainly no secret that the issue of privacy is a large one. There is a growing number of identity theft cases that can vouch for it. People are now more than ever aware that their identities are at risk no matter what they do, yet the online consumer trend is at its highest numbers ever and growing with each and every year. Big data is now being collected by every large corporation throughout the world in attempts to drive traffic to their sites and ultimately increase sales for the betterment of the company. The thought of having their identities jeopardized and prized personal information compromised is something that most people consider a thing of the past, but the big brother aspect of humanity where the government can see your every move is definitely something that is within the realm of possibilities.

Both of these entities are completely possible with fact that we often give out personal information without thinking about it and we also know that certain government agencies have been known to spy on citizens all under the guise of national security. The information gathered by the government is a lot smaller than the human race realizes, but the big data gathered by corporations is a lot larger than anyone could imagine.

Companies work diligently to ensure that all aspects of sales are met and that sometimes means that they use programs to analyze what exactly the customer is looking at while they peruse the internet. It tracks their personal trends, apps they download, websites they visit, and even any insurance companies they may use. All of this information is there for the taking and allows those companies to better enhance their ability to reach the consumers they crave by knowing where the consumers are at all times.

Is Big Data the New Big Brother

The big brother phenomenon is certainly not new. For years we have heard about government entities spying on us through specialized surveillance equipment that can count the number of hairs on our heads from space, but we have come to largely accept that there is nothing to be done about the government’s ability to know all and see all. The internet however is thought of a little differently.

People every day go on the internet and give out vital information to complete strangers without a second thought. The main thought process is that our personal information is not at risk simply due to the sheer volume of people doing exactly the same thing. Those that may be concerned for their internet identity are willing to pay a small fee of a few dollars to keep their identity in check, but it is also found that a very minute portion of people value their identities are willing to spend more than $15 to secure their information. Roughly 16% of internet users are estimated to spend a half of a penny for every search to ensure that no data is collected from the information provided.

The big brother concept is not lost on many people, but we have become so accustomed to giving out information such as our email address in order to receive coupons and newsletters that most of us do not give it a second thought. There is and always will be the threat of breeches in credit card information and the like such as those that have been highly televised in recent years, but for the most part, breeches in security with the use of big data software is very rare. The sites with the largest security measures in place are not surprisingly, the adult sites and the online cloud sites.

Wide Open Field

There are few businesses that are available these days that are not so overcrowded that a business is able to grow effectively, but the big data industry is booming without a lot of competition flooding the market. Data surveillance may be something that people fear at times, but it does not stop them from making purchases online and it certainly does not stop them from browsing the internet for any and all information that they can gather about current events. The field is now more than ever wide open for people to get into the field of big data and see what it can do for them in their industry.

Where to Turn

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