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SEO Fundamentals: How to Drive Traffic to Your Content Through SEO

It is the ultimate goal of any person in business to have their business is a success. Where once success was largely achieved through having the best traditional advertisement plan in order to drive business, it is now primarily based on driving traffic to your website. Unlike traditional advertising, SEO drives traffic to a site through strategies involving specific words within your content marketing. These key words drive traffic to your site for practically free and free advertising is a great way to increase your business’s visual presence and assist in increasing your earning ability. Although the proper SEO is not very difficult, there are some fundamentals that you need to know. Here they are.

Key Words as Concepts

There was a time where you could accomplish your content marketing goals by cramming key words into a piece to drive traffic. That time in internet life is over and not scheduled to make reappearance. There is however plenty of room in the market for SEO key words, but the key words now can be used as flexible phrases and garner the same effect as the old style of stuffing an article with one specific word.

Instead of merely viewing one key word as your go to word you are now able to optimize phrases in various ways into your content. The phrases can be used in a variety of ways as merely opposed to one way and that makes the flexibility of SEO content marketing a lot more manageable and readable for the customer. We are now able to think of key words as concepts rather than just the key word itself.

Find the Right People

When someone thinks of finding the right people they often think of the right customers, but that is not what is meant by this. There are a number of people who can assist in helping drive people to your site, but you have to know which ones to choose. Linking up with other people’s sites has long been a practice to help drive traffic. This is a highly effective strategy however you need to link up with credible people that have a good name on the internet. Linking with the wrong people that have a bad reputation can have a negative effect on your content marketing strategy.

It is also of great importance to use social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. These sites group people by their common views and therefore are highly effective at driving people to your site because it may already be something they have an interest in.

Link Internally to Your Site

As much importance that is placed on linking up with others, just the same amount of importance should be placed on linking internally to your own site. Sites have multiple pages and you want people to navigate your site to see everything there is. That is why you should place internal links to other pages within your site to assist people in being able to see the site as a whole as opposed to only having access to one page.


It is understandable that your site should have one theme in the name of the company, but equally as important is the title pages throughout your site. Each page needs a unique title in order for people to be drawn to it. This is done through title tags and these title tags work much like a headline will. Key words used within the title tags assist people in gaining access to the sites they are looking for through the words they type.

Be Descriptive

Descriptions of the individual pages have been used for a number of years. They have also been called meta tags. These are the sub headings for each page and should include the key words for your website also. Keep the descriptions relevant to the information within your site otherwise you will have problems from page ranking sites.

Mobile Friendly and Fast Load Times

The world we live in today is a fast paced society. People want everything now and have it available on every platform and for every device. That is the importance of having your website optimized to have the fastest load speeds available and make it available for anyone on any device to have access to it.

There are a number of other factors SEO fundamentals such as bounce rates and the time a customer spends on your site, but these are the major headliners. Most of the other aspects of proper SEO can be picked up with time. SEO is not a difficult concept to understand, but it will take some time and effort on your part to see that things are accomplished in the right manner. Keep things relevant and readable is the main aspect of successful SEO.