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Short term history: The Ups and Downs of Big Data in 2015

Big data is not a completely new concept, but 2015 was the first year that many of us came to the understanding of what the concept truly was about. It was the first year that we saw our search results change to be more in line to our interests. Like with all new endeavors we were able to see the highs and the lows throughout the year.


The year did not start off with a significant high note for big data with certain analytics software causing a breach in which 4 million employee’s information was severely compromised. Not a good way to start the year off with a bang, but hey it apparently happens.


The white house reports of how internet security is threatened by the use of big data work to further interrupt the growing industry. They were just still upset about the debacle of the previous month.


The Internet of Things concept is released by IBM to the public stating that it is not just the information that computers are not the only devices that can be used to share information. All devices are now at the helm.


A lot of us have had the opportunity to use the Apple watch. April of 2015 was its first release prompting approximately one million sold in 6 hours. It was also a bit time in the world of Amazon when they announced that Amazon Machine Learning would be available for users.


It is within this month that we learn that of the 33% of organizations that have previously stated that they had little plans on integrating big data into their business, over half have since receded those claims and the number now stands at t mere 16%


As people are still threatened by the potential reaches into the private lives of citizens that big data can have they are given a warning from German Chancellor Angela Merkel in which she stated that to not adhere to the data collection that has become standard means that the individual will be left behind from the advancements of the technology. We see the fear quickly turn away from those not wanting to be left in the dark ages.


The infamous Ashley Madison scandal has broken during this month. The scandal left countless people continually wondering how safe their information was online. Although this was the story that was told around the world it was not the only one of that month. Experian and Anthem also were unfortunate enough to fall victim to millions of their customer’s information being made available to the masses.


China has always been at the cusp of any potential new technology and they were fortunate enough this month to unveil Alibaba’s Aliyum. Within this system of big data analytic the company is able to collect an unheard of amount of data amounting to 100 petrabytes of data in only 6 hours. That is roughly equivalent to the information contained in 100 million movies of HD quality.


We all know the story of how Edward Snowden leaked vital information and it is concluded within September that the US companies involved cannot guarantee the protection of privacy of EU citizen data.


Tech deals are made practically every day and we rarely hear of them, but in this particular month Dell makes a deal of monumental status. The deal with EMC for the data storage, cloud computing, and analytics and the subsidiaries was $67 billion.


Discrimination has largely been frowned upon by groups, organizations, and companies the world over. Although many strides have been take to eliminate the amount of discrimination that takes place in the world the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK takes it upon themselves to ensure that the big data insurance companies do not discriminate when it comes to their customers.


The General Data Protection Regulation was agreed upon in Europe within this month. The regulations as to what could be done with data that is collected from citizens within the EU. The law is expected to take effect in 2017 and will significantly fine any entity that violates the standards with costs up to 4% of their entire global revenue.

Where to Now

We have certainly left 2015 in the past with all of the headway we have made within 2016 and as time rolls on we will continue to learn and grow from the experiences that taught us to much in 2015. We are now headed into more secure territory with big data collection making it easier and safer than ever before. From here we will continue to learn all we can about our customer bases the world over, but if you happen to be new to the subject or simply want to expand upon what you already know please feel free to contact us at We are experts in all aspects of big data collection.