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How Small Startups in Big Data Have Large Enterprises Begging for More

Throughout time there have been large corporations and enterprises that have worked to make their name in the mouths of consumers everywhere. It is seemingly easy for these large businesses to do this because of their vast amounts of resources available at a moment’s notice. They need not fear going under because of their sheer size and their consumer’s dependence on their products. The smaller companies do not have it so easy, but a select few start up big data companies are making a significant impact on these large enterprises and making a name for themselves in their own right.

With all of the potential in these large enterprises for growth, you would think that they would look internally for their big data needs, but big data is such a large entity and a seemingly new field that many of the companies are simply unable to find the internal people to take it on. That is why these large businesses are seeking the help of small startup companies to help grow their big data sect of the business.

The Potential Is There

Big businesses look for potential growth at all times. They are always looking for people that can help grow their company. Big data is a large part of that by getting their products into the minds of the everyday consumer through matching the right consumer with the products that they want instead of simply putting ads out there in a hit or miss fashion.

Large corporations desire their ROI to remain intact at all time. They do not have time to make frivolous attempts at driving customers and therefore the draw of big data is that the theory has already been proven time and time again with the proof right in the pockets of those that have utilized the process in the past.

Never Enough

Data is much like money. Even if you are given a mountain of cash, it is in the nature of most humans to see that mountain grow. Big data works much like this because there is never enough information that can be gathered from potential customers. Consumers are continually changing their minds as to what they like and finding new trends to hop on board with. We see these new trends and changes in the search criteria and big data enables large corporations through small startups to take full advantage of the information and place it directly into their bank account.

Endless Possibilities

Startups are very tricky things. With limited resources, one small mistake can break the company completely without any hope of revitalization. The draw that big data has is that the applications for the technology are endless. The average startup does not have to invest a lot of money into the business in order to see results. There is also the draw of the technology being able to be adapted to any form of business. The possibilities for an endless stream of clientele is certainly appealing to anyone looking to get into business for themselves.

Room for Significant Growth

No one starts a business with the full intentions of watching the business go bust within a few short years. No matter the startup business model, it is always formed to become larger than where it began, so the room for growth is there driving the startup to new heights. Big data gives startups almost a limitless possibility for growth. Even with all of the data that has already been amassed by large corporations, it is estimated that they are only scratching the surface of the potential for the business by only gaining access to 22% of the data that could be utilized.

Startups the world over are jumping on the big data train and coming up with new solutions for the technology to be utilized in large corporations to drive their potential sales. The amount of technology and the technology savvy people that are available to produce and maintain this technology are putting the average person in the driver’s seat of the consumer marketplace. Large corporations are clamoring to get their hands on the latest technology and if you are the startup that creates that technology, that makes you very attractive to a variety of different industries.


The big data industry is not going anywhere anytime soon. There is and always will be data that can be extracted to help large corporations grow and Nexibeo is a company that is the true expert in the field of big data. We are known for our expertise and are here to help you in all of your big data endeavors. Give us the opportunity to take your company to new heights today. Come visit us at and let us show you how big data can benefit your company with an endless stream of useful data.