Understanding you & your business. Building a top team around you, so you can focus on the startup vision and your specialism. Let’s grow together!


Dedicated teams

Dedicated teams

Our amazing elite talent unites to produce great purposeful startups.

We give you the ability to utilize Nexibeo’s grid of top-class developers, designers, sales & marketing experts, customer support teams,  and product managers.

We pride ourselves on building dedicated teams for each of the startup. You’re not getting a solo freelancer, but rather a fully cohesive unit working in unison to completion of your project.


We are committed to results. We take on the most difficult and complex tasks and do not rest until the solution is developed and executed properly.

Each of our team members is a maestro at their art

Nexibeo’s Team consists of globally prominent experts.
Each of our team members are a maestro at their art, featuring an expert level 5x more resilient than their peers. They work according to your needs to build great purposeful startups because that’s what they love.

Field experts
Nexibeo’s Team members have extensive levels of proficiency.
Each person at Nexibeo is a superb developer, designer, sales & marketing expert, customer support and product manager. World class enterprises have put their trust in us due to our levels of expertise in handling significant assignments.

Unique 6-step Recruitment process

How we locate the top 4% of aptitude globally

We are fixated on finding the finest talent. Our laborious scrutinizing procedure guarantees your assignment to always be in expert hands. Currently, we have 100+ engineers on our waiting list.

1 All Applicants (100%)

Applicants to our program encompass experts across the Globe and recommendations from our finest team members.

2 Resume Review (20%)

We look for a sure sign that a contender will significantly contribute to our system. Our Team members have proceeded from the best schools, been employed at high-level enterprises, and developed well-known open source software packages.

3 In print Testing (10%)

Ability outplays background. We examine a candidate’s capacity for shipping attractive, achieving solutions using a set of in-house built questionnaires, soft-skills certified surveys and technical ability tests.

4 Telephonic Interviews (6%)

When candidates make it to here, they are screened to authenticate their capability and background and to ensure that they are the best disposition fit for the Nexibeo grid.

5 New Member (5%)

When candidates pass our demanding telephonic scrutinizing they are invited to join Nexibeo. These “Newsters” represent the best producers globally. They will now be able to begin work on specified client assignments.

6 Experienced Member (4%)

Team members are supervised to be certain that they will perform at peak level on a continual basis. Code evaluations, timeline evaluations, design evaluations and performance evaluations ensure that you will receive the finest creation imaginable.

Do you think you got what it takes? Join our top talent team.