This does sometimes happen and if it does happen to you, there are a number of replies that you can give them. A few good ones are listed below:

  • Your central competency, which you excel at, is not software development.
  • It is probably substantially more cost effective to outsource than to have your own developers to build your product.
  • You need time to focus on growing and developing your product and won’t have time to manage people.
  • You can use the money that your developers save on equity for future growth
  • Nexibeo has optimized communication & reporting tools and reimagined outsourcing.
  • Nexibeo is going to do a great job with your product. They have a fantastic track record.
  • You want to get a head start on the prototype before you hire your own developers.
  • You are using the prototype in order to draw in potential developers by means of your start up.
  • You want to do a cost effective validation of a concept before making a larger investment.