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Jeroen Erne
Explorer, people person, father of a beautiful daughter and a restless entrepreneur focused on anything that is Internet related. He started exploring the web in 1999 developing his first profitable web platform.

Valentin Bora
Researcher, Analyst, Explorer, Motivator and always in search of new entrepreneurial challenges. He started exploring the web in 2001, developing his own CMS and Flash applications.


We are committed to results. We take on difficult and complex tasks and do not rest until the solution is developed and executed successfully.

Nexibeo's history. Building on the Internet since 1999.

Q4’2022 Nexibeo started working on AI projects for clients

Q1’2022 Nexibeo started working on internal AI projects

Q1’2019 Nexibeo started working mainly on Internal projects.

Q2 2017: Nexibeo launched it’s new website with 80+ Free Startup Ideas.

2016/2017: Nexibeo served multiple startup and enterprise clients

End 2016: Nexibeo started to work on it’s “Unique 6-step Recruitment process” and grew a big talentpool to serve future clients

Early 2016: Nexibeo Launched nMedicalSolutions

Deliveirng HIPAA compliant webhosting for the Medical sector.

2014: SimplySocial was sold to Matchfire

By making SimplySocial part of their suite of technology services and operational logistics, they could engineer experiences their consumers love.

2015: Nexibeo released their first products

nSecurity: Website Security’s Secret Weapon nContent: Proven Growth in Leads and Sales Conversions nVideo: Video Advertising Improved!

2015: Valentin and Jeroen said goodbye to the Nova Interactive brand

And released their new Nexibeo website to share their unique vision and approach with the world.

2015: We started operating under the Nexibeo name

Nexibeo signed multiple six-figure contracts and worked on: A social media platform for real estate agents; An international appointment management platform; A web platform for a top private school in the US; A user experience and design foundation for a Handicrafts platform.

2014: Valentin joined Nova Interactive

Jeroen and Valentin started brainstorming about re-branding Nova Interactive to Nexibeo. A business that combines their consultancy and development knowledge to help clients while creating useful online products for every business.

2014: Jeroen started MobileRevolution

MobileRevolution converts your (older) website into a mobile-ready website. They support many international clients, such as wolterskluwer.com, helping them to migrate their old website to one that is mobile ready. The business later merged with Nexibeo and we’ll continue with an improved approach under the nMobileReady product.

2014: Nova Interactive started working on a TV platform

We developed the platform specifically for Sparql, a new Dutch TV brand. The TV platform supports thousands of Dutchies’ daily TV needs.

2013: Jeroen started Nova Interactive

Jeroen wanted an independent work location and have more time to spend more time with his daughter. The business focused on digital consultancy and development for medium-sized clients and creative agencies.

2013: SimplySocial moved to San Francisco

The business secured big investments after pitching to the world’s biggest Venture Capitalists. The business grew to 25 employees based in San Francisco, Anchorage (Alaska) and Timisoara (Romania).

2012: SimplySocial was launched

The business signed three customers within two months of going live, and generated a mid level six-figure revenue.

2011: Jeroen and Valentin Started SimplySocial

Together with business partner Tyler Arnold they raised $60.000 USD to launch a social media marketing platform within a year.

2011: Jeroen travelled for five months

Jeroen had to regain focus and clarity of mind and get inspiration for new opportunities.

2011: Jeroen sold his shares at Joy Group back to his business partner

The business kept creating innovative projects for the web.

2010: Jeroen and Valentin started DeLaatsteKaarten.nl

Together with business partners: Bob van de Kolk and Jons Slemmer. The online business created a unique auction experience by selling theater tickets online. In addition to interest from De Telegraaf Media Group, the business was later sold to the biggest Dutch online auction group, Emesa, and was merged with TicketVeiling.nl.

2009: Valentin joined the Joy Group

Valentin joined as technical lead. Revenue rose by 6 figures a year as a result. His work included solving some of the most complex technical challenges at the time, for example: a kitchen planner application complete with a catalog and 3d rendering of the end result, that runs in the browser.

2009: Jeroen and Valentin started ThisIsMykea.com

Together with business partners: Joost Rutte, Gert van de Kapelle and Jons Slemmer they invented a method that made it possible to customize Ikea products and build a business out of it. When Jeroen and Valentin stopped working for the Joy Group, the business was sold back to the other business partners and is still online today.

2009: Jeroen founded Wij doen het Werk

It was the first business in The Netherlands that converted anything into a website: PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Design files. The business later merged with the Joy Group when it was sold back to Jeroen’s business partner.

2008: Valentin started working with a group of prolific self-help authors

Everything technical was managed b Valentin, building solutions to reach and serve a combined audience of over 100,000 fans and subscribers. From marketing campaigns, to online stores, e-learning platforms and content delivery, everything was built in concert for steady growth and reach. Nexibeo continues to work with the group today, managing e-commerce needs and e-learning technology for an audience that keeps growing by the thousands every month. Currently focused on marketing automation, marketing funnels and business intelligence driven by numbers, our work is crucial to the continued growth and success of the

2008-2011: Jeroen joined Joy Group

Started by his business partner Jons Slemmer, Joy Group was a business focused on design and development. They worked for big companies in the Dutch market, such as: Yakult, TNT, Dordrechts Museum, NVL, Etiketten.nl, EDBA and Buro2010.

2005: Jeroen won a Dutch TechAward

The award was for creating an innovative online viral campaign for the Institute for Information Engineering.

2004-2007: Jeroen worked for NCCW, Bright Alley, The Institute for Information Engineering Almere City Marketing and Avanade (Accenture)

Despite gaining a tremendous amount of experience during this time at these firms he decided that he was an entrepreneur who was not made for a 9-to-5 job.

2005: Valentin built one of the first tailored self-service e-commerce platforms for a brick and mortar apparel retailer

Penetrating a virgin market was not easy. Who would buy clothes and shoes online? However, over the following 10+ years of running, the business has moved 90% online and has managed to survive and thrive through difficult times, keeping up with changing markets.

2004: Jeroen started Accunow.nl and PSPnow.nl

These were two web shops that imported iPod, PlayStation and Laptop batteries and gadgets from China and then on-sold it on the Dutch market. Jeroen used part of the profits to build a strong starting capital in order to join the Joy Group.

2003-2006: Valentin started a career as a freelancer

Flash was all the rave back in 2003 and Valentin helped a large website dedicated to children and parenting (more than 70,000 registered users) by creating an interactive map. Other notable work includes a complete content management platform for a high school website, including a custom piece of software for digital library management (loans, inventory etc.). Both projects won national awards for innovation and execution.

2002: Jeroen stopped working at MusicZone and travelled the world for 10 months

He used travel to broaden his horizon and vision on life.

1999: Jeroen started MusicZone.com

In the times of Napster there were not many websites that gave you an overview of what music was exactly available online. MusicZone did exactly that, generating about 20k visitors a day and enough revenue to help Jeroen through his studies.

Unique 6-step Recruitment process

How we locate the top 4% of aptitude globally

We are fixated on finding the finest talent. Our laborious scrutinizing procedure guarantees your assignment will always be in expert hands. Currently, we have 100+ engineers on our waiting list.

1 All Applicants (100%)

Applicants to our program encompass experts across the Globe and recommendations from our finest team members.

2 Résumé Review (20%)

We look for a sure sign that a contender will significantly contribute to our team. Our team members have graduated from the best schools, been employed at high-level enterprises, and developed well-known open source software packages.

3 In print Testing (10%)

Ability outplays background.  We examine a candidate’s capacity for shipping attractive sites and achieving solutions using a set of in-house built questionnaires, soft-skills certified surveys and technical ability tests.

4 Telephonic Interviews (6%)

When candidates make it here, they are screened to authenticate their capability and background and to ensure that they are the best  fit for the Nexibeo grid.

5 New Member (5%)

When candidates pass our demanding telephonic scrutinizing they are invited to join Nexibeo. These “Newsters” represent the best producers globally. They will now begin work on specified client assignments.

6 Experienced Member (4%)

Team members are mentored to ensure they will perform at peak level on a continual basis. Code evaluations, timeline evaluations, design evaluations and performance evaluations ensure that you will receive the finest creation imaginable.

Do you think you have what it takes? Join our top talent team.