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Our Team

We believe our team is more important than our clients. Why? Because without our team we wouldn’t be able to successfully serve our clients.

Develop the future together


The changing nature of work results in tens of millions of people entering the freelance community each year. You can be that person or maybe you already are(?).
Work from any place on earth, travel or just build a solid income from home without spending time in traffic jams and on other useless things in life.

However, you’ll need a great challenging job first and the tools to simplify your work. We are honored to be at the forefront of this massive paradigm shift.

Nexibeo is in the process of building the largest network of top quality developers, designers, marketing & sales specialists, product managers, and enriching our team with exciting, flexible, well paid opportunities.

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We Simply Care

The Benefits

  • Work from everywhere
  • You’re never alone in solving issues (Nexibeo’s team on standby)
  • Challenging projects
  • Above market income
  • End-year performance based bonus
  • Develop yourself:
    • Free Access to training courses
    • Work with other great talent

Our Values

  • Be direct, but nice
  • Think before you build
  • Build more than you talk
  • Be ambitious
  • Be relentless
  • Take ownership
  • Be customer-focused

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Nexibeo: A group of intelligent people that work together solving difficult, valuable problems.

How we work?


To create great work means to create a great environment for great people to thrive. We are focused on simple ideas with great impact.

  • Do it today
  • Automate everything
  • Deliver a wow experience
  • Value relationships and facilitate transactions
  • Think differently
  • The best idea wins
  • Always focus

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The difference

The difference

There are thousands of development services and talent marketplaces where you can find work.  But we didn’t find any who puts their team members first and let you work with other top talent on amazing high quality projects.