Any functionality in a product that works contrary to how it is specified in your project proposal is a bug. Nexibeo has committed itself to build a product of extremely high quality. Part of that means making sure that there are as few bugs as possible.

After completion of the project you will have two weeks to test your product and request your family and friends to test it too. In case of bugs presenting themselves, we will fix it. Remember that we will always be available after delivery and that we will be happy to partner together with you after the launch of the product.

Although revisions are not bugs, they can be dealt with via Nexibeo’s revision process.

Examples of bugs:

  • Information gets lost that is supposed to be saved on your server.
  • A part of your product is only available to some users, while it should be available all your users.
  • A page lags when you scroll it, or it interacts with elements on the page
  • An iPhone 6 displays a screen in an app properly but an iPhone 5 does not display the same screen properly.

Examples of changes that do not qualify as bugs:

  • Profile pictures can be added to user profiles when the initial specifications did not include pictures
  • The layout of the home screen changes
  • Simplifying a photo posting flow after feedback from a user.