When product owner Yulia came to us to discuss the idea of creating an online marketplace where artists around the world could share their work, their passion, we were all in.  As the founders of Nexibeo are both passionate travelers, this was the ultimate opportunity to use our global experience to indirectly give back to the communities we visited over the last 10+ years of travel.

About the Marketplace

We designed a compelling user experience by combining the best of the most renowned shopping platforms online today. Combining an interface that is unique for most countries around the world, the platform truly feels like you’re travelling the world in search of unique art that you would never find in your own country.

The project is currently still in development and under NDA so we’ll tell you more as soon as it’s live.


  • Wire-frames to present internally within the organization
  • A unique UI Design that outruns the competition both from an Usability and a Design perspective.
  • Clickable prototype based on client feedback and UI design to present internally and make development of the platform easier.

Current situation

8Arte is currently in development.

“If you want high quality User experience & User Interface design that works and is done efficiently – Nexibeo got you covered. I will refer everyone I know to Nexibeo. Their specialists are worth much more than I paid for.”

8Arte, Yulia Eniseyskaya

8Arte's Team Formation

  • Part-time Product/Project manager
  • 1 Fulltime UX Designer
  • 1 Fulltime UI Designer