We were approached by a high-revenue electronics webshop seeking to enhance customer interactions and internal efficiency with AI.


  1. AI-driven Team Transformation:
    Jeroen conducted customized training for the webshop’s marketing, sales, and accounting departments, enhancing their efficiency using AI tools. Each member received a personalized handbook with optimised ChatGPT prompts tailored to their daily tasks, fostering better productivity.
  2. Personalized AI Strategy & Deployment:
    After thoroughly analyzing the webshop’s operations, Jeroen devised a unique AI strategy focusing on optimizing customer guidance and support. Together with Nexibeo.com, they built a user-friendly chatbot for the webshop’s site, guiding customers towards their desired products and providing product support and helpdesk assistance. The chatbot was finetuned with all their product data and previous customer queries to offer optimized support, resulting in a 4x revenue increase.
  3. Continuous Improvement & Innovation in AI:
    Jeroen and Nexibeo.com didn’t stop at implementation. They regularly monitored and refined the AI solutions to ensure peak performance. They incorporated innovative ideas aligned with the latest industry trends to keep the webshop competitive.
  4. Dedicated Customer Support:
    The webshop received ongoing technical support to ensure a smooth experience with their AI tools. Quick resolution of any issues helped to keep operations streamlined and efficient.

This collaboration resulted in an upgraded operational structure, improved customer engagement, and a highly efficient team utilizing AI tools at the electronics webshop. With this AI integration, the webshop experienced an increase in customer satisfaction and a substantial surge in revenue.

“Nexibeo has completely revolutionized our webshop. Thanks to their tailored AI strategy and training, our revenues have quadrupled, and customer satisfaction is through the roof. It’s been an absolute game-changer!”

Cyntia, CEO