Steven Marshall is CEO of Real Estate Executive Magazine and  Mastermind Summit events. Steven started multiple real estate businesses like for example: Homeowner Magazine and Referral Nation.  In November 2015 we started development of

About the Real Estate platform

iAppraisal is an interactive platform that let’s you estimate the current value of your home and delivers real estate agents and loan officers a possibility to do direct marketing and online marketing based on this information.


  • Build a high scalable platform that contains 100 million American homes and is robust to scale based on the amount of visitors and activity on the website.
  • Integrate with:
    • MLS providers
    • Case-Shiller Home Price Indices
    • Google Streetview
    • Google Maps
    • Local and national house price indexes
  • Build a proprietary formula to estimate the value of your home based on the different data providers, your area, the size of your house and numerous other undisclosed factors.
  • Set up a reliable, affordable long term international team to safe costs and grow in the future.
  • Build an automatic home appraisal process


Current situation

iAppraisal is live. Today Nexibeo works on the iAppraisal platform and integrates new features and formula updates on a weekly basis. We implemented a solid DevOps structure for the client to keep improving continuously and keep growing the high-scale platform.

“I was looking for a party that could take care of my complete technical vision and has the ability to work extremely agile to realise this fast growing startup idea. I worked with numerous parties to realise my web concepts over the last year but Nexibeo has proven to be my absolute number 1 partner to work with.”

iAppraisal, Steven Marshall

iAppraisal's Team Formation

  • 1 Product manager
  • 1 Project manager
  • 2 Team leads / software architects.
  • 8 Backend Developers
  • 2 Frontend Developers
  • 1 QA Lead
  • 2.5 QA specialists
  • 1 Mathematician
  • 1 Database research analyst
  • 1 Database manager
  • 1 Devopps Automation specialist
  • 1 Machine learning developer
  • 1 UX/UI Designer
  • Part-time HR manager to source external expertise when needed.
  • 1 Webmaster to manage the web content and content of the commercial website.