Richard asked us the following question when he first got in touch with Nexibeo:
Imagine you have to talk to a person abroad and you do not know his native language and the second person does not know English or your local language. What would you do in this situation? Hire a translator? Leave your business?

Above mentioned situations motivated us to develop an Android App so people can easily talk to each other from different countries even if they do not know English or the native languages of each other.

About the Instant translation app

This application enables people ( i.e businessmen, tourists and travelers) to talk to a second person in his/her native language even if the first person does not know a single word of second person’s language and vice versa. We have optimized the app code so that this app uses less memory and works efficiently on almost every low to high-tech Android smartphone.

What Talk Native does is set up communication between two people. App users selects a person to talk to from contacts list saved in App. The application then detects their preferred languages and they send and receive messages in their preferred languages. The application uses text translation and correction techniques. User can communicate with full confidence with someone without knowing a single word of his/her language.


  • Sign in/ Sign up feature
  • Instant Translated Chat
  • Send and Receive Attachments i.e image, audio and video
  • User profile
  • Save Contacts
  • App Settings configuration

Current situation

The app is currently being used for Richard’s internal business and is planned to be distributed for the public on the App store soon.


“I love how Nexibeo moved my simple idea into a real working app that is generating a significant amount of value in my business today.”

Instant chat translation app, Richard J, Founder

Instant chat translation app's Team Formation

  • 1 Product/Project manager
  • 1 team lead / software architect.
  • 3 Developers
  • 1 UX/UI Designer
  • 1 QA Specialist