We assisted a prominent management consultancy firm in enhancing their knowledge sharing and brainstorming capabilities via AI.

  1. Employee Upskilling for AI Mastery:
    At the firm’s headquarters, Jeroen facilitated bespoke training, helping the team to master AI tools for improved efficiency. Each member was equipped with a personalized handbook packed with optimised ChatGPT prompts, aiding in effective internal communication and knowledge sharing.
  2. Tailored AI Strategy & Deployment:
    Jeroen crafted a distinctive AI strategy based on a comprehensive study of the firm’s operations. The plan emphasized creating an AI-driven repository of collective knowledge to enhance client service quality. In partnership with Nexibeo.com, an internal ChatGPT chatbot was developed and finetuned. This chatbot was trained with all the data, reports, and client interactions the firm had collected over the past five years. This AI-powered repository provided the team with an easy-to-access brainstorming tool, leveraging years of collective wisdom to devise improved consulting ideas for their clients.
  3. Regular Enhancement & Cutting-edge Innovation:
    The engagement did not end at implementation. Jeroen and Nexibeo.com offered continuous monitoring and refining of the AI solutions, ensuring peak performance. They also brought forth innovative ideas in line with industry trends to keep the consultancy firm ahead in the competitive market.
  4. Round-the-clock Customer Support:
    The firm was provided with ongoing technical support, ensuring a seamless experience with their new AI tools. Quick resolution of any arising issues ensured minimal interruption to their operations and enhanced efficiency.

The collaboration resulted in a significantly upgraded operational structure, improved internal knowledge sharing, and a team adept at using AI tools. The management consultancy firm saw a dramatic enhancement in idea generation for client services and a boost in client satisfaction, thanks to the AI-driven brainstorming tool.

“Nexibeo has been a true catalyst for our firm’s growth. Their customized AI tools and training have turbocharged our brainstorming sessions, enabling us to tap into years of collective wisdom for top-tier client service. With boosted client satisfaction and an AI-empowered team, partnering with Nexibeo was the best strategic move we’ve made!”

Tom, Head of Innovation