An undisclosed client (NDA) offers comprehensive instruction and mentorship in the areas of real estate investing, financial instruments investing and personal finance. The curriculum is designed to help people progress from beginner to educated investor. Students often begin their journey to financial freedom at one of the FREE Workshops.

About the appointment management platform

In order to easily schedule an appointment for the mentorship and workshops, specialists at Progressio needed an easy way to set up appointments from a single interface. This process was managed via Excel sheets that were distributed via email. This resulted in a high error rate and frequent misunderstandings. The idea for an appointment management platform was envisioned by Nicholas Fuller who was looking for a solid team to realise an initial version of his own wire-frames. Together with the Nexibeo team we expanded the wire frames into a working prototype and a working platform in 4 months.


  • A clickable prototype to sell internally within the organization.
  • A full working platform based on internal feedback and improvements to the platform over time.
  • Transparency into available agendas of agents
  • Optimized internal appointment management process
  • A customized appointment management system to replace current Excel sheets that are being mailed around for every user.
  • Give end-users insights in their appointments
  • Reporting tools for Progressio’s management to give complete business insights and to make improvements.

Current situation

AMS is live and is currently used by multiple beta groups within Progressio. Agile bi-weekly improvements are being made to the platform to serve the beta users’ needs and improve efficiency within the company.

“Before Nexibeo, our process was Email & Excel Sheets. Together with Nexibeo we identified key pain and improvement points. Within no time, Nexibeo had a prototype up and running that we sold internally within the organization. Nexibeo’s continuous support and improvements make appointment setting look like a breeze compared to our old way of working”

Progressio, Nicholas Fuller

Progressio's Team Formation

  • 1 Product/Project manager
  • 1 team lead / software architect.
  • 3  Developers
  • 1.5 QA Speciallists
  • Part Time  UX/UI Designer