We engaged with a real estate broker operating across five locations in the UK, aiming to bolster their customer interaction and internal communication via AI solutions.


  1. Enhancing Team Capabilities with AI Tools:
    Customized training was conducted at the broker’s locations, empowering the team with AI tools to boost efficiency. Each member received a personalized handbook filled with optimised ChatGPT prompts, facilitating smooth internal communication and customer interaction.
  2. Unique AI Strategy & Rollout:
    Jeroen created a distinct AI strategy for the real estate broker, focusing on streamlining client interactions and listing accessibility. In partnership with Nexibeo.com, they built an internal ChatGPT chatbox for efficient internal communication across the five locations. Moreover, they developed a user-friendly chatbot for the broker’s website that allowed potential buyers to easily fetch their preferred property listings. The chatbot was designed to collect user data for future personalized follow-ups by the broker near their location.
  3. Regular AI Upgrades & Industry-Specific Innovations:
    The partnership ensured continuous monitoring and refinement of the AI solutions to guarantee optimal performance. They integrated innovations tailored to the real estate industry, keeping the broker ahead in the competitive market.
  4. Uninterrupted Customer Support:
    The broker was provided with ongoing technical support to ensure a hassle-free experience with their new AI tools. Quick resolution of any issues ensured smooth operations and increased efficiency.

The collaboration led to an upgraded operational model, improved client engagement, and an AI-savvy team at the real estate broker’s locations. The AI integration boosted customer satisfaction by providing a personalized touch in property search and follow-ups, resulting in a surge in property inquiries and sales.

“Working with Nexibeo has been nothing short of a game-changer. Jeroen and his team took our operations to the next level, turning our team into AI-savvy real estate maestros and totally transforming the way we interact with clients. Thanks to their top-notch support and customized AI solutions, we’re closing deals faster and delivering a tailored property search experience that has our clients raving.”

John, COO