Sparql is the youngest TV provider of the Netherlands. Before Sparql the Dutch TV landscape was led by giant (international) providers like KPN and Ziggo. As an ultra flexible young TV provider combining TV and the fastest and internet connection in the Netherlands, Sparql is beating the big providers on price, speed and offering.

About the TV box  and mobile TV apps

Nexibeo was asked to build the complete interface and interaction model for Sparql’s TV box. Together with our partners from Puur! we redesigned the TV interface by adding unique features and combining the best available TV interaction features available on the web. Nexibeo also designed the respective iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Tablet apps. To consume media whenever you want, wherever you are.


  • Redesign the TV interface from scratch
    • Build in a modular / component-based way so we can grow the platform over time and interact fast on client feedback.
  • Build the Android phone and tablet apps
  • Build the iOS phone and tablet apps
  • Start with a clickable prototype to make development easier.
  • Integrate with the Nordia platform
  • Build a Commercial website.

Current situation

Sparql’s apps and TV platform are currently serving 50.000 customers on a daily basis. After the initial development Sparql decided to build an internal team which was trained by the Nexibeo team.

“Nexibeo delivers amazing work. Keep up the excellent work. Nexibeo impressed me on multiple levels and they laid a strong foundation for the Sparql TV platform and the website”

Sparql, Randal Peelen

Sparql's Team Formation

  • 1 Product/Project manager
  • 1 team lead / software architect.
  • 3  Developers
  • 1 UX/UI Designer
  • 1 QA Speciallists