This undisclosed client wanted to build a Waitlist/Reservation app for their own restaurant chain. After developing this app the client decided to sell this service as a Software as a Service to other restaurant chains.

About the Marketplace

A wait list and reservation management application for restaurants and other businesses. It is simple to use and sends text and phone call notifications to alert customers when it is their turn.


  • Android App


  • Add, remove and seat parties quickly and easily
  • Simple display of each party’s information and status on the waitlist
  • Integrate Twilo to serve unlimited SMS and phone call notifications
  • Integrated future and same day reservations
  • Customizable notifications and public waitlist page
  • Powerful analytics and downloadable reports
  • Customizable quick notes and statuses
  • Multi-device syncing
  • Multi-place and multi-user management

Current situation

After developing this app for own use the client decided to sell the app as a Software as a Service to other restaurant chains.


“Finding a partner that thinks a lot with you, sees business potential and is willing to grow with you is not easy. Nexibeo over-delivered on my expectations.”

Waitlist/Reservation App, Susan Z, Restaurant chain owner

Waitlist/Reservation App's Team Formation

  • Part-time Product/Project manager
  • 1 team lead / software architect.
  • 2 Developers
  • 1 UX/UI Designer
  • Part-time QA Specialist