I love what you’re doing and would like to be featured on your Case Studies page. Is that possible?

Sure it is! Please send us a message so that we can determine how to write the best possible case study for your project with Nexibeo.

Who are some of your clients?

Nexibeo works with clients from all levels of business from single-person start-ups to Fortune 2000 companies, and we have worked with a wide range of industries, such as healthcare, ecommerce, and advertising. See our Case Studies section for some of the projects that we have built for clients.

Can you integrate my design?

Provided that it is a design that is actually possible to build, we will be happy to assist with integrating work done by any other designer. PSD or SKETCH format designs can be integrated free of charge, but designs in a flat format may be charged for.

What do you offer in terms of design work?

It is possible to integrate existing designs or to build you a complete new design at any level of progress.

I cannot afford this at the moment. Can we partner for equity?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this solution yet but you’re free to contact us with a proposal.

How fast can you complete my project?

That depends on your project. In most cases where standard apps are required, we can do it in 2-6 months, but it mostly depends on the type of project and the complexity thereof. See our pricing page for more details.

What hourly rate do your team members charge?

We work with hourly rates only if it involves maintenance work. We set up the best possible team and prefer to pay a fixed- or monthly fee. Note that our project rates are very reasonable. See our pricing page for more details and Get a quote right away.

This is too expensive for me. Are you really worth the cost?

Some developer marketplaces offer less expensive rates because they use less experienced expertise. Experience has shown that often these cheaper projects don’t do so well. Sadly, you do get what you pay for.

Is your pricing real? How can you do it this so cheap?

We are not an agency or a development shop, so we have significantly fewer overhead. Nexibeo has (and will always have) a longer term vision. Our main focus is growth & customer satisfaction. It is better for us to get a great referral than to take a huge sum of money.

Is Nexibeo just a matchmaking service?

Nexibeo won’t match you directly with team members. We build the best possible team, which may even change since someone may get sick for example, and YOU manage that team via a product manager. It is our aim to supply significantly more worth than what a matchmaking service would do.