Can Nexibeo sign our NDA instead of us signing Nexibeo’s NDA?

We work with too many different clients to let each one draw up their own NDA. Legally and compliance related the cost would be too high. But you can be certain that our MNDA is standard and fair to all parties. Our team members sign a very strict NDA with Nexibeo to ensure your confidentiality.

How can I be sure of confidentiality?

We do not show your project’s details to anyone but the developers that work on the project. They have a strict NDA with us, and every precaution is taken to keep our systems confidential.

What is a revision?

When you find that a certain part of your product would be better when changed, we will revise it if it was part of the initial scope of the project. Note that revisions need to be limited in order to aid timely delivery. When such a change was not part of the initial scope, NexiBeo … Continued

What is a bug?

Any functionality in a product that works contrary to how it is specified in your project proposal is a bug. Nexibeo has committed itself to build a product of extremely high quality. Part of that means making sure that there are as few bugs as possible. After completion of the project you will have two … Continued

What are the chances that you will go out of business while working on my project?

Nil! Nexibeo has enough funds for years to come and our business has been running very healthy for years.

Will you charge huge amounts, should I need any additional work?

No. Additions are priced as “mini projects” which tend to be relatively affordable, since we are familiar with the source base.

What happens at the end of my project?

After finishing your project, we will run a final pass in order to ensure that all aspects are polished and of excellent quality. Your Project Manager will then send you your completed deliverable file, whether it contains designs or a zip file with your project’s code. Note that we can also help with optimized web … Continued

How often will I get updates?

For you to ensure that the project is on track, Your Project Manager will schedule a weekly call, and will send email updates at least twice a week. These are called milestones. Your PM will also email you work to examine at the end of each milestone. It is important that you review milestones immediately … Continued

How is work divided up throughout the course of my project?

We set milestones or check-in points that should be reached roughly every second week. These milestones enable you to give you a chance to assess the progress to date, update your team and confirm the position on forthcoming work.

How do you assemble my team?

We get to work on your team assembly the moment your project begins, by finding the correct project manager. When we find a Project Manager they will assemble the best possible team of developers and designers for your project.